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How To Find An Eyelash Specialist

How To Find An Eyelash Specialist

Finding an Eyelash Specialist isn't an easy feat, after all, you are handing the fate of your lashes to an artist. It's best to make sure that the Lash specialist is professional, honest, and has credibility before you dive into that appointment. What Are Lash...

When Does Makeup Expire?

Did you know that makeup products aren't designed to last forever? Eventually, you would have to let go of your favorite makeup items and replace them with new ones because makeup has expiration dates. Over time, they lose their quality, maybe harder to apply and can...

Five Makeup Trends to Try Right Now

With lives almost going back to normal (I hope), it's time to start taking extra care of our appearance now. When you work from home during the pandemic, chances are wearing makeup was the least of your priorities. Here are five makeup trends to give you the ultimate...

Should I shave, pluck or thread my eyebrows?

Getting those eyebrows on fleek is no joke. There are a couple of methods for perfectly groom your brows, and the biggest question is: Shaving, plucking, waxing, or threading. Which one is the best? Here are some pros and cons of each method: Shaving Pros: Quick and...

Makeup Tips To Sweat-Proof Your Summer Look

The weather is heating up, and it is time to try all the summer makeup looks that you have been saving from Instagram. But, here’s the thing if you choose the wrong products, you may end up with your makeup sliding off your face due to the hot weather. Aside from...

When Should You Get Eyelash Extensions

If you want to wake up with nice and long lashes or are tired of applying for eyelash extensions when you do your make-up, then getting eyelash extensions would be your best option. But before you go to the nearest salon, here are some of the pros and cons of getting...

Summer Must-Haves For Women

It's getting hot in here! Literally! Aside from the beach, summer means one thing - an increase in humidity. And we all know what this means, dry skin!  Aside from sufficient water intake, here's a checklist of summer must-haves: Sunscreen. Don't leave the house...

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