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Elevate Your Eyes with Mesmerising Volume

At Carolina Eye Candy Beauty Lounge, we are proud to introduce our exceptional Volume Lash Extensions in Ladson. These luxurious lashes are a true masterpiece that defines your gaze and transforms your beauty.

With Volume Lash Extensions in Ladson, you can experience the captivating allure of voluminous lashes that leave a lasting impression. Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom look that perfectly complements your facial features and personal style.

Whether you’re looking for a natural, flirty look or a bold, dramatic look, we have the perfect mega volume lashes in Ladson for you. We use only the highest quality materials and apply our lashes using the latest techniques, so you can enjoy your new lashes for weeks without shedding or clumping.

Experience the Difference

At Carolina Eye Candy Beauty Lounge, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience. We use only the highest quality products and techniques, and our team of experts is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of eye beauty.

We believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and our goal is to help you look and feel your best. When you visit Carolina Eye Candy, you can expect to receive personalised attention and care. We will take the time to understand your needs and desires, and we will work with you to create a look that you love.

Discover the Epitome of Volume

At Carolina Eye Candy Beauty Lounge, we are proud to offer the best 3D Volume Lashes Ladson SC. Our 3D Volume Lashes are layered to create a fluffy, full look that is both natural and glamorous.

Our experienced technicians will carefully apply your 3D volume lashes Ladson SC to ensure that they look and feel their best. You can be confident that your new lashes will last for weeks and will make you look and feel your absolute best.

Explore Our Volume Lash Sets Summerville

Carolina Eye Candy Beauty Lounge offers a variety of volume lash sets summerville to choose from, so you can find the perfect look for your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a natural enhancement or a full-on glam look, we have the perfect hybrid volume lash extensions for you.

Our team of experts will be happy to help you choose the right hybrid volume lash extensions for you and to create a custom look that you love. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience, and we want you to leave our salon feeling confident and beautiful.

Book Your Appointment Today

Are you ready to experience the difference that Carolina Eye Candy Beauty Lounge’s volume lash extensions for special occasions can make? 

Indulge in the luxury of volume lash extensions at Carolina Eye Candy Beauty Lounge. Elevate your beauty effortlessly with voluminous lashes that captivate and mesmerize. Book your appointment today and redefine your beauty with the allure of volume.



Recommended 4-6 weeks

Q. Can you explain the costs?

A. Certainly! The fullest set of Semi-Permanent allowable for most people are 125 lashes per eye with the classic extensions. That set is $250 AND UP ($15 more for mink). So with the Volume Lashes, the basic set, Natural Volume (TM) Lashes allows a client to receive hundreds more lashes per eye than the fullest set of classic Semi-Permanent Lashes.

Q. So What Are The Costs? 


Carolina Eye Candy Beauty Lounge:

Your Destination for Customised, Affordable Volume Lash Extensions in Ladson:

Customized Volume: Our custom volume lashes ladson are tailored to your preferences, offering a range of volume options, from subtle to dramatic. Whether you’re looking for a natural enhancement or a full-on glam look, we have the perfect full volume lash fans for you.

Enhanced Beauty: Achieve a mesmerising, dramatic look that’s perfect for special occasions or elevating your everyday beauty. Our dramatic volume eyelash extensions will enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident and stunning.

Lasting Elegance: Enjoy extended wear with volume lash fill services that remain stunning for weeks. Our lash artists for volume extensions are made with high-quality materials and applied by our experienced technicians, so you can be confident that your new lashes will last.

Affordable Luxury: Experience the luxury of voluminous lashes without exceeding your budget. Affordable lash extensions Ladson are priced competitively, so you can enjoy the beauty of voluminous lashes without spending a fortune

Lightweight Comfort: Our volume lashes for special occasions are ultra-lightweight, ensuring a comfortable and natural feel. You’ll forget you’re even wearing lash extensions!

Hypoallergenic Materials: We use hypoallergenic lash materials to ensure that even those with sensitive eyes can enjoy the beauty of volume lash extensions.

Customized Styles: Choose from a variety of styles, from cat-eye to doll-eye, to achieve your desired look. Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect style to complement your facial features and personal style.

Low Maintenance: Volume Lash Experts in SC require minimal upkeep, allowing you to enjoy their beauty without added hassle. Simply brush your lashes daily to keep them looking their best.


What are Volume Lash Extensions, and how do they differ from other lash extensions?

Volume lash extensions create a fuller, more dramatic look by attaching multiple lightweight extensions to each natural lash. They offer a more voluminous effect than classic lash extensions.

How long do volume lash extensions last?

Volume lash extensions typically last 3-5 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle and proper maintenance.

Can I choose the level of volume I want with volume lash extensions?

Yes, our lash artists can customise the volume to your preference, allowing you to achieve a subtle enhancement or a bold, dramatic look.

Are volume lash extensions suitable for special occasions?

Absolutely! Volume lash extensions are perfect for special occasions, providing a striking and alluring look that enhances your beauty.

Do volume lash extensions require special care?

While volume lash extensions are low-maintenance, we recommend avoiding oil-based products and following our care instructions for optimal longevity.

Can I get volume lash fill services?

Yes, we offer volume lash fill services to maintain your stunning look and extend the life of your lashes.

Who are the lash artists for volume extensions?

Our skilled and experienced lash artists are dedicated to crafting the perfect volume lash extensions to match your unique style.

How can I book an appointment for volume lash extensions?

Booking your appointment is easy! Visit our website or call our friendly staff, who will assist you in scheduling your lash transformation.

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