Volume Lashes Extensions are in demand at our Summerville and Ladson locations. They are thicker, fuller lashes compared to the classic semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Carolina Eye Candy is proud to be THE FIRST to offer this service in South Carolina! This technique, founded in Russia, has revolutionized the way eyelash extensions are looked upon and has made the possibility of application even greater than before.

Volume Lash Extensions allow a client who has sparse lashes, or those with normal dense lashes to have more lashes applied than would normally be allowed, due to the number of natural lashes to work with, giving a naturally soft and thick, voluminous appearance that lasts for weeks and weeks! The age old question has been for many clients over the years is “can I have more lashes applied?” and for many that answer has been “No” until now! Schedule your volume lashes consultation at one of our locations today!

Q. What is VOLUME lashes and how does it differ from the classic Individual Lashes?

A. Volume Lash Extensions are still Semi-Permanent Lashes, as they are adhered to the individual natural lashes. The difference is classic Semi-Permanent Lashes are adhered to your natural lashes, one extension to one natural lash. Volume is for dimension and density. Our Natural Volume (TM) lashes will give a client very noticeable density and allowing their lashes to be mascara free. Our Luxury Volume (TM) will give a luxurious effect of density, while still being damage-free and allowing one to stand out from afar and definitely up close. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of!

Q. Is this method safe/healthy for my natural lashes?

A. Yes! The eyelash extensions used for the Volume technique are much thinner in diameter therefore very little weight is added to your lashes, including the adhesive.

Q. How do I know if I am a candidate for Volume Lashes?

A. Consult the lash stylist for a consultation! Most people are able to get at least the Natural Volume (TM) effect while many are still able to get the Luxury Volume (TM) lashes. This is based upon the health of your natural lashes, their diameter and length.

Q. Can I get more length with this new Volume technique?

A. The focus is on VOLUME with this technique. While you may get a few millimeters longer than your natural lashes, it is important to not focus on length with this method as the longer lashes are, the sparser they may appear at the base. Think of a forest of pine trees versus a garden full of bushes. The short bushes look much denser than the pine trees, as the pine trees are tall and lean. If the extensions are longer, more weight is added to your natural lash and can cause premature shedding.

Q. Does this process cost more?

A. Yes there is a larger investment, but is definitely worth it. This process takes more time to apply and more mink lashes. The great thing is clients will be able to extend their fillin time from 2-3 weeks with classic individual extensions to 4-6 weeks with Volume Lashes. Although this is the length of time one can go without getting a fillin, it is not uncommon for many to come in before 4 weeks as they’d like to keep them as full as possible without seeing the effects of new growth shedding.

Q. Can I try the Volume Lashes with my current eyelash extensions?

A. It is recommended to begin with a fresh new set, but you may be able to try a few Volume Lashes within your current set. This is not recommended at Carolina Eye Candy as most clients have extensions of .15 diameter, which are thicker than each individual Volume Lash.

Q. How long does it take to apply a full set?

A. The process can take anywhere from 2.5-4 hours to apply a full set (unless with a Master Lash Artist *OWNER of course, who’s speed and experience are more proficient), depending on the service provider and the ease and/or difficulty of the clients’ lashes that are having them applied. This is a very intricate process, and most people fall asleep while the service is being provided, and naps are free of charge ????

Q. So What Are The Costs? 



Recommended 4-6 weeks

Q. Can you explain the costs?

A. Certainly! The fullest set of Semi-Permanent allowable for most people are 125 lashes per eye with the classic extensions. That set is $250 AND UP ($15 more for mink). So with the Volume Lashes, the basic set, Natural Volume (TM) Lashes allows a client to receive hundreds more lashes per eye than the fullest set of classic Semi-Permanent Lashes.