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Are you thinking of getting yourself an eyelash extension and considering getting an appointment with an eyelash specialist near you? Eyelash extensions are one of the most well-known trends of today. With this kind of beauty enhancement, you will accomplish the look that you’ve always wanted. Prior to applying for lash extension, you should figure out how to pick the right eyelash extension for you. Regardless of whether you’re having your lashes done by a professional eyelash specialist, it’s best to find out more about your choices. To pick the ideal lashes, you’ll have to consider the following:

Individual Choice

Your preference is considered a tremendous part of picking the right eyelash extensions. During the consultation with your lash specialist, you should be ready to come in with the description of your ideal look or even a specific request. Are you inclining towards a dramatic and bold appearance or are you a more natural, shorter look kind of girl?

While using lash extensions, particularly if it’s your time doing so, you may fear having unnatural outcomes or hypersensitive responses. Our eyes are extraordinarily touchy to adhesives and since eyelash extensions regularly require an adhesive to stick the extensions to our normal lashes, the procedure is quite risky. If ever you had any issues with adhesives in the past or have overly sensitive skin, it is rather important to make sure that you do your research about every lash place or ask your lash technician about what kind of adhesive they use.

Likewise, if you’re vegetarian or oversensitive to cat fur, be certain to explicitly demand that mink lash extensions are not used on you. Make a point to discuss clearly with your lash specialist so you two can reach a final agreement on how to proceed.

Eye Shape, Size, and Position

There are eye make-up styles that suit your normal eye shape, by highlighting a specific area. Making the eye look more open to featuring a specific area. It’s something similar to eyelash extensions. Despite the fact that there are four fundamental styles, these styles come with varieties like the length, lash thickness, curls, number of lashes applied, as well as hybrid styles. A decent lash technician will want to fit your lashes to suit your eye shape as well as your preference of style as well.

Determining the shape of your eye, you can prescribe a lash style that will suit you better. There are other parts where eye size, closeness, point, and qualities of the eyelid are taken into account for more exact suggestions. During your consultation, your lash specialist will offer the most ideal guidance on picking a shape that boosts your natural beauty. Estheticians call this ‘eye styling’ where they guide out to stretch or open your eyes by using specific lash lengths in explicit zones on your eye.

 Natural Eyelash Characteristics

While contemplating getting an eyelash extension, it is vital to think about the state of your normal eyelash. Eyelash extensions are made of various materials that include synthetic materials, like faux mink and plastic fibers, or normal materials, like silk and mink. These materials will suit you better from the condition of your normal eyelashes.

Are your natural lashes thick? Synthetic materials are generally appropriate for those with solid, thick lashes of their own, and are preferred by more youthful clients. Lash places/salons actually offer synthetic if explicitly requested by a client. With those extremely thick normal lashes, it can look essentially awesome for them.

With slender normal eyelashes, silk eyelash extensions might be a good choice for you. They are composed of a cleaned, acrylic material and are the firmest of all. They are also somewhat shinier/glossier than the mink or synthetic ones.

Eyelashes made with mink fur are slender, milder, and more preamble. Since they are lightweight, they would be a great choice if your own lashes are frail. They most certainly last longer than synthetic lashes as they aren’t as weighty.

In regards of artificial mink lashes, they are turning out to be extremely well known on the fact that they are so light and fine, they feel precisely like your own lashes. They are shinier in surface than the silk lashes, giving the lashes a gleaming look. Since they are so light, they don’t quite often drop.


According to Dr. Rachel Nazarian as they were interviewed by Byrdie, the most worrisome risk when getting eyelash extensions is irritation of the eyes. The reason for this is- the glue that ties the extensions to the natural follicle has a chemical that does not sit well with eyes and can cause discomfort.

Eyelash extensions are a great investment. Because who doesn’t want to wake up with a fabulous set of semi-permanent lashes everyday? Make your purchase of eyelash extension worth it by going through a deliberate research about everything from the places to get lash extension, your lash specialist, down to the very detail of your face structure! A single google search “lash extension places near me” will lead you to the right place, you can even head to for the best eyelash extensions in south Carolina.