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Finding an Eyelash Specialist isn’t an easy feat, after all, you are handing the fate of your lashes to an artist. It’s best to make sure that the Lash specialist is professional, honest, and has credibility before you dive into that appointment.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent strands that are appended to your normal eyelashes to make your lash periphery look longer, more full, and hazier. Individual lash extensions are applied to every one of your natural eyelashes (one extension for each regular eyelash) using a medical-grade adhesive. The material shifts from one studio to another, however, lash extensions can be made of different types of materials including mink, artificial mink, or silk strands. Most studios offer an assortment of expansion lengths, twist examples, and colors for customers’ preferences.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

There are different types of eyelashes extensions lash specialists use: synthetic, mink, and silk. Mink is a luxurious material that’s is popular and expensive. These extensions are made of real mink fur that is light and gives an airy and natural look. Silk extensions are synthetic and made from silk fiber. They’re glossy and thicker than the other types and work best for those with thick eyelashes. Every lash extension type lasts for the same period, however, mink and silk lashes will generally have a more regular look, while synthetic lashes can be thicker and hazier, which fits people who need a bolder look.

Between these three types (mink, silk, and manufactured), there are different levels of length, curls, and thickness to choose from. Eyelash lengths and thickness emphasize the client’s desired look and the availability of these materials varies from the place where you get lash extensions. Some eyelash extension studios offer signature lashes such as Candy Lashes in South Carolina

Where should you go to get lash extensions?

To start, a simple google search of “eyelash extension services near me” or “lashes extension near me” will do. Probably the most unnerving thing about eyelash extensions is that the procedure isn’t regulated in certain states. A stunning number of states just require a cosmetology permit to conduct the assistance, and keeping in mind that these experts are very skilled in their separate areas of interest (hair shading, hair styling, haircutting, cosmetics, and nails), they aren’t prepared explicitly to deal with the eye region, which is incredibly touchy and fragile.

When booking your lash extension service, ensure your lash artist is an authorized esthetician (rather than a beautician). Estheticians are explicitly prepared in skin-oriented medicines, similar to facials, microdermabrasion, compound strips, and you got it-eyelash administrations. Preferably, visiting an authorized esthetician at a studio that spotlights on lash administrations is your most secure bet.

The Benefits

With the lash extension, you’ll get up each day with long, rippling, stunning lashes. The process is very compelling at upgrading your eyes and looks amazing on everybody. The whole cycle is 100% effortless for nearly everybody, beginning to end. Dermatologists, plastic specialists, and estheticians concur that, generally, extensions are protected (even though there are dangers of bothering and infection). Your look can be as normal or as stunning as you’d like, simply work with your lash artist to settle on the best length and twist of your extension. While you can’t get them wet in the initial 48 hours, you can in any case swim, shower, and sweat in your extension (albeit the dryer you keep them, the more they can endure).



What might google say?

Research the going rate for lash extension places near me to determine where exactly you can find an eyelash specialist that you can contact anytime.  If you want to be exact, you can directly search your specific location such as “eyelash extensions South Carolina “


When you found a promising eyelash specialist, find their website and investigate for their legitimacy. Check their site for photos of THEIR work.


A decent lash artist will post 1-2 pictures day by day. That will give you a sufficient amount of photograph examination to work with.

Check for very close photographs of the lashes. Utilize your best judgment here. It’s not hard to differentiate quality work. Pay attention to your instinct.


Do you know someone who got their eyelash done? Ask who them who their artist is. Try not to be modest, go ask them where she goes! Request their artist’s name and places to get lash extensions explicitly.


After you’ve tracked down several specialists to look at, go see what others are talking about with regards to them.

What did the customers think of them? Social media is an incredible source.


Consultations ought to be free any place you go. On the off chance that they aren’t, don’t go there. A quality lash artist will offer free consultation preceding your lash administration, or she will book it into the hour of your full set.

Keep away from any lash artist who guarantees she can accomplish something with your lashes BEFORE having at any point seen you. The lashes’ normal thickness, length, and eye shape are generally going to be STRONG determiners of how this assistance goes down.

I prescribe going in preceding given the style choices for lashes there are nowadays. You might choose to go for Candy lashes over Classic Extensions, and all things considered, your arrangement will be planned for a lengthier measure of time.

You will spend your well-deserved cash on this treat, you should ensure you’re getting EXACTLY what you need. 


Come ready. Record all that you’ve caught wind of lashes and ask ALL inquiries you are worried about or even read their FAQs for clarity.

Ask the lash extension specialists what item they use and how to clean the lashes. Ask them where they were prepared and how long they have been in the business.

Get some information about anything you can think of… and on the off chance that she’s great, she’ll do an amazing job with them. Moreover, they ought to have a few ideas for you to learn about how the cycle goes, what’s in store how to focus on them a while later, and things like that.

Getting yourself eyelash extensions is a great investment for yourself. While there are risks these types of appointments, at the end of the day, the results will surely be worth your while. To learn more about eyelash extension specialists near you, go to and set an appointment now!