Perfecting the Christmas Party Look

Dec 2017

It is already the Christmas season and it is now the season to be merry. The much awaited holiday of everybody has already come and now they are starting to pump up their bodies, looks and wardrobes to prepare for the handful parties and activities their going to attend to. There will be company parties […]


Many Firsts for the Miss Universe 2017

Nov 2017

Over 90 women from across the world took the stage to fight for the much coveted crown of the much awaited pageant across the universe, The Miss Universe 2017. The contest returns to Las Vegas after having held in the Philippines the previous year. The most beautiful lady to win the title of Miss Universe […]


Essentials for the Ideal Raw Vegetarian Pantry

Nov 2017

People start to think more and more about themselves nowadays. They now look and monitor the things they put and apply to their bodies. They are now aware of the side effects they might get from what they consume. That is why many now consider and even start dieting and eating healthy. Some even convert […]


Beauty has set the Bar in User-Generated Content

Oct 2017

The technology has already advanced through the years, and the people have embraced it so tightly that they are almost living in it. Many products and services were also greatly affected by it through the improvements they make. Advertising and marketing, especially in the beauty industry, have also evolved compared from the past years. Now, […]


Skin Care Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

Sep 2017

Summer is officially over and I’m sure, like me, you feel like it ended too soon. Change of season normally means skin breakouts and imperfections. Urgh! Don’t you just hate that? Watch the video below for skin care tips you’re probably not aware of. Like in everything else in life, prevention is better than cure. […]