Beauty has set the Bar in User-Generated Content

Oct 2017

The technology has already advanced through the years, and the people have embraced it so tightly that they are almost living in it. Many products and services were also greatly affected by it through the improvements they make. Advertising and marketing, especially in the beauty industry, have also evolved compared from the past years. Now, […]


Skin Care Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

Sep 2017

Summer is officially over and I’m sure, like me, you feel like it ended too soon. Change of season normally means skin breakouts and imperfections. Urgh! Don’t you just hate that? Watch the video below for skin care tips you’re probably not aware of. Like in everything else in life, prevention is better than cure. […]


Of Motherhood, Its Joys and Pains

Apr 2017

Motherhood is a tough job. One can be a mother but embracing its totality is tough on most women.  There are several reasons why motherhood is considered as the toughest role on Earth. Here are just some of the reasons why it’s hard: You carry a child for nine months. As the body changes to […]


Of Assumptions, Biases and Discrimination

Mar 2017

\ Just a few days ago, the internet was in an uproar when a footage of a BBC interview was interrupted when the guest’s kids gatecrashed the live session. The situation became hilariously bad when a woman desperately tried to get the kids out of the room. Memes and comments flooded Twitter soon after with […]


What It Means To Be A Woman

Mar 2017

Today is International Women’s Day and I would like to salute all the women out there! Much has been said about us, the so called fairer sex but what does it really mean to be a woman? How do you measure if you live up to the expectations of how  a woman should be. You’re not […]