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People will always find something to escape into from all of the problems that they are facing. They will always find a way to enjoy as much as possible and stop worrying about their problems even if it’s just for a while. That is why fashion shows and designers from Paris and New York held events to divert people’s attention to another kind of environment like the Spring 2018 Fashion shows.

The said fashion show presents two types of trends that people could look forward to in 2018. The looks range from romantic views that uses pink colors on cheeks, lips and eyes combined with long fairy-tale hair to beauty with bold embellishments and chic androgynous hair.

  • Balenciaga Boy Cut

Balenciaga runway popularized the androgynous look, especially by hairstylist Holli Smith, shearing the long locks of their models to jagged boy cuts. The look isn’t just confined on the runway. Breakout models of the season, Gisele Fox, Ruth Bell and Loane Normand, all have each own signature androgynous cuts.

  • Rapunzel Hair

On the contrary to androgynous looks, waist-length hair is also making its presence on the runway with the help of supermodels like Kirsty Humewith and Natalie Westling of Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, respectively. Other models use extensions to lengthen their hair to achieve a bewitching effect.

  • Touches of Pink

Though putting a touch of pink has already made its presence a long time ago, it still is used today and has a lot more improvement. There are several shades of pink to experiment to from cute pastel to surprising neon. These colors can be applied to the cheekbones, temples, eyelids, and lips.

  • Glorious and Gilded Hair Accessories

Fashion designers and hairstylist now start to incorporate jewel-encrusted crowns, floral headpieces, pearl-encrusted clips and neon twine to their models paving its way to being a new trend in 2018.

  • New Red Lips

Though already a classic, red lips still stay on fashion trends now with fresh finishes and modern application. Chanel incorporated red lips on their models by blurring the edges of the matte geranium lips to create a soft-focus finish.