How to Delay the Appearance of Wrinkles and Other Skin Imperfections

Jul 2017

Wrinkles? Skin Imperfections? Women (and men) dread the time when wrinkles, laugh lines and other skin imperfections begin appearing on their face. Their appearance usually signifies the harsh truth that there really is no stopping the aging process. While it may true that you can not stop aging, there are ways that you can delay […]


What You Should Know About Male Exfoliating

May 2017

Male exfoliating? It’s not really unheard of. If ladies go gaga in taking good care of their skin, men are expected to do as well. I’m not talking about metrosexuals here. Male exfoliating should be a priority for all men no matter their status, work or preferences. So what is male exfoliating? Male exfoliating is […]