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Makeup can’t get more exciting. Not only has the combination of colors attracted the consumers but its design as well. Manufacturers always make up ideas just to make their products sell. The more unique the product and design, the better for it will be surely be attractive to the buyers eyes.

And that’s what Hot Topic actually did. They already know that makeup palettes already sell big time to many users, like the millennials, with just their minimalists’ designs and monochromatic color.  But Hot Topic step it up a notch with their newly introduced product, a Nickelodeon Eyeshadow palette.

The Nickelodeon palette brings back the nostalgia to the 90’s kids because of its retro design. It looks like the classic VHS cassette tape. This truly speaks to the 90’s soul since it’s the favorite channel at that time. This palette features everyone’s favorite cartoon characters as well as the bright orange colored VHS themed tape.

If you’re a fanatic of the shows Hey Arnold!, Rocko’s Modern Life and Rugrats, you will surely want to get a hold of this palette. The cassette taped palette is decorated with various illustrations of famous Nickelodeon characters like Arnold, Angelica, Ren, Helga and Stimpy.

And unlike the usual eye shadow palette with neutral colors that are normally bought, the Nickelodeon eye shadow palette features full shades of neon like the requite shade of bright orange they call Hi Ho Diggety that will make the fans remember the dearly departed CatDog.

Aside from the bright orange shade, there is also a nice pearly white shade called I’m Beautiful, bright blue called Football Head and bold shimmery purple called I’m The Boss. There are more neon colors to choose from that you’ll surely want to try on.

The Nickelodeon eyeshadow palette can be bought for only $16.90 at Hot Topic. This palette wont probably replace your basic and preferred makeup palettes because of its unexpected shades but the nostalgia factor will surely make you want to buy one even just as a memorabilia.