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If you pride yourself in keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, you are likely aware that trends come and go in a flash. One moment it was “in” to wear leggings with everything and no sooner have you updated your wardrobe with leggings and bought every color available, that the next moment everyone is wearing jogger pants. Then as soon as you buy five pairs, the jogger pants are out, and tattered jeans are in.

But do you really need to be wearing the latest fashion all the time in order to be well-dressed? I’m going to share a few tips that will get you into everyone’s best dressed list without having to spend a lot.

Invest in classic pieces. There are trends, and then there are clothes that never go out of style. The Little Black Dress is a timeless classic. So is the white blouse. And the black pants or slacks. These classic pieces are the ones you should invest in. You can wear them for years without looking outdated. Just mix and match the accessories, handbags and shoes and you can get a different look every time.

Dress for the occasion. It’s tempting to go all-out when dressing up, but do not go to an event overdressed. Do not go under-dressed, either. Always pay attention to the dress code, when specified, and dress appropriately.

Check the quality of your clothes. I’m not saying you should only buy haute couture. But when buying, do not buy cheap imitation clothes that look like – well, cheap imitation clothes. Check the quality. The textile, the color, and the workmanship. You can look like a million dollars without spending much. There are many local brands that sell high quality clothes –check them out before buying.

Choose clothes that are flattering to your body type. Like it or not, we all have different body types. Apple, pear, straight and hourglass are the most basic ones. Not all trends are flattering to everyone. Crop-tops do not look good on everyone. Skinny jeans are not flattering to everyone. The secret to looking good is finding your best feature, or your asset and choose clothes that will highlight them, and disguise the flaws. That being said, this does not mean that you should eschew clothes that are not listed as flattering to your body shape. You can simply use the guide so you could select clothes that will show off your best features.