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It has already been seven years since Kate Middleton married Prince Harry in 2011 and became the Duchess of Cambridge. Now, even pregnant with her third child, she still knows how to rock her own fashion style, and make it a trend with her fans around the globe. She is the style icon that is known for being elegant while being effortless, and classy yet still casual.

She always looks fashionable every time she steps out of her palace and that is why many people are looking up to her. Yet, it seems like she’s not really making too much effort in being a clothing inspiration. She doesn’t personally speak about her fashion choices but her looks speaks volumes. We can identify her as being down-to-earth since she can also make inexpensive brands and clothing lines look classy. She can also wear practically everything and is not afraid to wear her favorite ones again and again.

Her future sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, also has her own fashion style and proves that she doesn’t have to follow someone else’s style. The actress routinely blends brands from her two favorite places, Canada and England. Like Kate, she also wears clothes from brands that are budget-friendly. Meghan can also slay the casual look when she chooses to wear it on occasions.

Below are the fashion tips to learn from the two royal beauties and fashion icons:

  1. Don’t be scared of colors

Both Kate and Meghan can rock colorful clothes especially outerwear. They are not afraid to wear colors and stray from the neutral zone.

  1. Still be authentic

Still embrace the fashion choices where you began and feel most comfortable.

  1. Wear clothes again and again.

Don’t be afraid to wear clothes repeatedly especially if it’s your favorite.

  1. Blend high and low

Try to experiment. Mix clothes from brands both cheap and expensive.

  1. Wear hats

Hats can be worn in different occasions and are great accessories to complete your style.

  1. Nude pumps

Nude pumps are best in lengthening the look of the leg and make you look taller. Everyone can wear it, especially those who are shorter.