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When you are working especially in sales and marketing, you are expected to look your best. It goes without saying that how the front liners look (and act) are reflective of the company or business they are working in. Well groomed employees mean customers will expect a clean and well-functioning business.

But what happens when grooming rules go beyond the normal? Take this case, for instance, Dorchester Hotel, one of those luxurious hotels in London, has this list for their female employees:


  • Brush your teeth
  • Have regular manicures
  • Shave your legs
  • Wash your hair
  • Wear full makeup
  • Use deodorant


  • Display chipped or bitten nails
  • Have off-putting body odor
  • Have oily skin
  • Display any excess body hair, which includes the face
  • Wear overly garish or bright makeup

These are usually standard grooming procedure though some women prefer not getting regular manicures and wax or just wear light makeup. Controlling oily skin takes a lot of effort (and money) though. And what can you do with excessive body hair? All in all the cost of maintaining such standards can surely dent a female’s pocket, whether they be a necessity or luxury. This is not necessarily a discrimination but high standards and additional expenses on women. If there was a grooming allowance then pretty sure these women won’t find anything to complain at all.

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