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Lipstick is a must in a woman’s makeup. It won’t be complete without lipstick. With just a simple dab of it could make a woman’s face look lively. That is why, lipstick steadily finds its way in the cosmetic industry along with its different styles, colors, and gimmicks.

Different styles of lipstick have been sprouting out such as glitter lipstick, matte lipstick, magic lipstick and more. There are also different colors to choose from that are trending right now to women of all ages. Red is not the only color women know today. They now range from nude to brown, to bright pink and orange.

Different states prefer different colors of lipstick according to a survey made.

  • Shade: Pink

States: Michigan, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Idaho, Rhode Island, West Virginia

How to wear: Bright

For fair skin tones: Cool and vibrant is preferred.

For medium tones: Top a vibrant pink with a shiny gloss

For dark skin tones: Try a brighter shade of fuchsia with a satin finish

  • Shade: Taupe

States: Delaware, Indiana, Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

How to wear: A shade richer than nude

For Fair skin tones: Try a soft-beige taupe. Make sure that it has a mauve or peach undertone.

For Medium tones: A layer of two shades must be applied with a darker taupe on the outside and lighter shade on the middle

For dark skin tones: A bit darker than the darkest portion of the lips

  • Shade: Red

States: Florida, Connecticut, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, Georgia, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahama, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Washington and Utah.

How to Wear: With dimension

For Fair skin tones: Look for a matte finish then apply a thin layer of lip balm

For Medium tones: Darken your red lipstick with a black cherry liner

For Dark tones: Red lipstick with a slight touch of raspberry

  • Shade: Orange:

States: Wisconsin, Virginia, Oregon

How to wear: A vivid Burst

For fair skin: A very bright, true orange

For medium skin: A bold color with a gloss of sheer tangerine

For dark skin: Tangerine shades with a mixture of coral hues

  • Shade: Purple

States: Alabama, Maine, Alaska, Arkansas, New York, Maryland, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina

How to wear: Any way you want

For fair skin: Reach for a blue base

For medium skin: Bright purple with undertones of pink

For dark skin: Find an eggplant shade


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