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The eyebrows used to be the most overlooked part of a woman’s face. If it had not been for KUWTK and Cara Delevigne, our idea of perfect brows might still be pencil-thin brows that have been drawn on, or something close to that. I admit I am partial to brows. And I, for one was very delighted when #browsonfleek became a household word and eyebrow grooming became an essential part of a woman’s makeup routine. So, are your brows on fleek? And what does that even mean?

Brows on fleek means that the brows are perfectly groomed. Or in some cases, when brows are perfectly drawn on with the help of a very skillful makeup artist. How do you achieve this? Let me give you a few pointers.

  • When doing your brows, you should follow your natural arch. Your job is to enhance, not totally change the shape of your eyebrows. Unless you have practically nonexistent brows, in which case they should be drawn in with care. Speaking of drawing –
  • Select a shape that is flattering to your face. Not all curved eyebrows are flattering and look good. Check your face, you can even experiment with different shapes until you find one that looks best on you.
  • Avoid stamps. Well, unless your goal is to resemble a caricature. When doing your brows they should look as natural as possible. Yes, it takes longer to do it by hand but the results are very different from the stamped in eyebrows.
  • Not all thick brows are beautiful. I mentioned Cara Delevigne – she’s widely known for her thick but beautiful brows. Lilly Collins as well. But even though the look works on them, you still have to consider what shape and size would look good on you.
  • When you draw in your brows, they should be similar, but a few shades darker than your natural hair. Blond hair and thick black brows may work for some, but in most cases all they do is make you look disconcerting.
  • Your brows are not mirror images of each other. Some of you might be familiar with the struggle of getting your brows to look exactly the same. The reality is, they rarely are. My brows have different arches and I have to live with that. Nobody will really notice unless they look too closely. Anyone who notices the difference is either too close to your face or has been looking at you for far longer time than what is polite. Ignore both.