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We all know what good things Vitamin C can do to our body. Vitamin C is what we turn to when we have flu and colds to fight off the viruses that cause them. They are also used in relieving stress, either by using it as air freshener or refreshments. Vitamin C can also help boost out health and protect us from sickness. It is not only beneficial to our health, it can also be used on our skin and not all people know that. It is considered as a superhero vitamin by many beauty specialists and can line up with retinol or ceramides as age-defying ingredient.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Considered as a cult ingredient, Vitamin C not only penetrates the skin to combat free radical damage produced by the environment, it also helps stop inflammation, fade pigment and repair lackluster and tired complexions. It is also known to be a great anti-ageing ingredient for skin care because it acts as a collagen booster thus making the skin look more luminous and firmer.

Right type of Vitamin C to be used

There are many types of vitamin C products available that can benefit the skin such as sodium ascorbyl phosphate, L-ascorbic acid, retinyl ascorbate and ascorbyl palmitate. The most favorable however is the L-ascorbic acid since it also has already many scientific study and research than the others.

The correct concentration is also important. The most effective concentration has potency from three to twenty percentages as a rule. The skin can only absorb up to 20 percent of Vitamin C, above that will only be redundant.

How often should Vitamin C be used?

 Vitamin C is a wonder ingredient due to its ability in protecting the skin from damages caused by UV rays as well as environmental aggressors. It is best used as part of the morning skin care routine. It can also be used at night too.