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use eyelash conditioners

The growth of the eyelash industry is faster than eyelash growth itself hence the emergence of beauty products like eyelash conditioners. It ballooned into an industry worth a billion dollars. And it will continually rise with the release of products for healthier, fuller, and lusher lashes. Eyelash conditioners are today’s hit. This is because consumers see its benefits against chemical, biological, and physical stressors which lead to brittle and dry lashes. These products also leave lashes healthier, fuller, and more nourished.

There are three phases in the cycle of eyelash growth. First is the anagen, which is the active growth phase. The transitional phase, catagen, is the second cycle while the third phase is the telogen. The whole cycle takes about 30-60 days.

How Eyelash Conditioners Work

Lash conditioners target the anagen by increasing the number of hairs and the duration of the phase itself. These products stimulate hair follicles which are dominant, and nourish the said lashes. This prevents breakage because of its healthier condition. At the cellular level, scalp and hair health is increased because actives penetrate the follicles better. Daily use of lash conditioners also makes hair stronger, softer, and more hydrated.

Batting the Lashes

Anybody can enjoy the benefits of lash conditioner. There are products that are helpful to dull and brittle eyelashes. These products have vitamins, amino acids, and peptides to help improve the appearance of lashes and its overall health. Dominating hair follicles are activated and conditioned by peptides. Moisture is maintained in the lashes by hyaluronic acid. A healthy balance is maintained and the lash base is smoothened by pantethine. Moisture is bound better in the epidermis and water is retained better in the collagen fibers through the help of glycosaminoglycans. Lash and brow health is improved by peony root extract. These help keep eyelashes less subjective to breakage and more flexible.

Revitalash Advanced has a combination of amino acids and antioxidants. Nouriche eyelash conditioner has humectants which draw moisture from the air to the eyelashes, and peptides to enrich and strengthen the eyelashes. RapidLash has six key ingredients, including biotin, soybean oil, and pumpkin seed extract.

Latisse by Allergn is the first and only prescription lash treatment approved by the US FDA. Its active ingredient is bimatoprost, which helps promote lash growth. This also prevents unwanted side effects, like iris pigmentation and eyelid skin darkening.

Lash Services

Lash conditioners are available by prescription though some can be availed over the counter. Spas join in the beauty band wagon and offer these products at their establishment. They can also incorporate this to their list of services to accommodate their clients. Some spas offer the eyelash treatment service as a stand-alone service. They can also have it included in their facials.