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Winter season can bring out the worst in our skin. The weather can result to dry and dull skin. Good thing though, winter is the perfect time for you to get non-invasive treatments like facial peels as the weather means faster and better healing time for you.

Here are 4 non-invasive treatments that you should gift yourself with:

  1. Facial Peel

young female face with cosmetic mask - beauty salon

Facials are great to rejuvenate your face but a facial or chemical peel is much better during winter. This is a cosmetic treatment that will lessen your age spots, freckles, blemishes and other facial imperfections you might have. They can smoothen fine lines and wrinkles and help rejuvenate skin.

There are different types of facial peels that you can avail of. For mild treatments, you can get a glycolic peel; for medium coverage, a TCA peel is perfect for you. If you want maximum depths, ZO Three Step Peel which takes 7-10 date your skin to heal is the ideal option.

These treatments though will make your skin more sensitive to the sun so never leave home without putting on at least an SPF30 sunscreen protection. These treatments are encouraged if you want smoother skin.

  1. Dermapen Skin Needling

If you lack vitamin D, suffering from the effects of unpredictable temperature and central heating and wants to get rid of some of your wrinkles and fine lines then micro-needling is perfect for you.

The needles will produce tiny puncture wounds which will aid your body to produce more collagen for a healthier skin. This treatment is also popular to lessen or eliminate cellulite, blemishes, stretchmarks and scars. Healing is fast. You can even hide any evidence of the procedure with makeup.

  1. Laser skin treatments


Foundation makeup are expensive because they have the ability to hide every tiny imperfections on your face. However, you need time to use it. Laser skin treatments allow you to forego using foundation.

This work by directing the laser light to your area of concern. This is most effective to people with light skin tones. This removes your skin problems without any fear of damage or scarring. It is effective in removing the signs of aging.

You need to be very careful about sun exposures as this will cause your skin imperfections to come back.

  1. Laser Hair Removal

When planning to have a laser hair removal, it is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun before and after the treatment. You can be bikini ready during winter by getting a laser removal. This treatment works best with light skin tones as less melanin yields better results.

This is suitable to all skin types, however, its efficacy will depend on a few factors such as hair texture, area where treatment was done and even hair color.

So planning to go on a beach holiday in the coming months? Winter is the perfect time to prepare your skin for summer so get these non-invasive treatments now.