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Face mists are liquids packed with hydrating and soothing ingredients that you spritz onto your skin through a spray bottle and atomizer. Some face mists now have astringent properties and oil-absorbing powders as well.

You’d be surprised that most people consider face mist as an essential part of their daily skincare routine. It’s not just fancy water that brings immediate freshness to your face, it can also moisturize and mattify the skin to say the least.

Doubles as a Toner

Most face mists have the same ingredients as toners. You can use this in place of your regular toner or apply it on top of your toner. Mist your face right after cleansing and pat in the liquid with your palm for better absorption.

Boosts Product Absorption

The skin functions the same way as a sponge. When it is moist, it can easily absorb any product you put on it. But when your skin is dry, products will simply sit on top of the skin and it will be difficult to really absorb those beneficial ingredients that your skincare product promised.

That is why misting is important when you do your daily skincare routine. Apply your lotion, cream, or face oil after misting to maximize skin absorption, as it allows products to penetrate deeper and absorb faster.

Instantly Hydrates Skin

The ultimate goal of any skincare routine is to keep the skin moisturized. And face mist gets the job done faster than any products out there. By spritzing it throughout the day, you are actually applying multiple layers of moisture to your skin. Face mists also help trap the moisture in your skin to keep it hydrated.

Adds Freshness to the Skin

Face mists help revive your skin in an instant. Your face will feel cool and refreshed after misting especially when you are outside on a hot day.

Control Unwanted Breakouts

Keep your acne-prone skin in check by adding putting on some of those cooling face mist. Choose a face mist with ingredients like mild acid exfoliants, which can be found specifically in clarifying mists. It is most effective for deep-cleaning and preventing breakouts.