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Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that make your natural eyelashes appear longer, fuller, and darker. When done correctly, this customizable technique creates a beautiful, natural look.

A typical treatment adds 80 to 140 individual lash extensions to each eye. The procedure involves hand-gluing them to your natural lashes, something a certified lash technician should handle.

Individual eyelash extensions, made of synthetic or mink fibers, are applied one extension per eyelash; for those with sparse lashes, volume eyelash extensions in the form of a fan for big, fluttery lashes.

This article focuses on the numerous reasons you shouldn’t try a DIY eyelash extension at home but instead have this delicate procedure done by a certified lash technician.

Are DIY Eyelash Extensions Safe?

When trained professionals handle eyelash extensions, your eyes are closed. They use magnifying glasses to isolate the lashes for proper application.

When trying to do them yourself, your eyes must be wide open, making it harder to perform this procedure on your lashes. Trying to attach eyelash extensions while looking in the mirror is nearly impossible as it’s very hard to isolate each lash with the tweezers. You also run the risk of gluing your lashes together. Not the look you’re going for.

This procedure is so hard to do yourself; even certified lash technicians shouldn’t try to do a DIY eyelash extension.

DIY Lash Extension Dangers

Eyelash extensions are applied by hand-gluing them to your natural lashes. The glue used contains cyanoacrylate, an ingredient that’s excellent at bonding. However, if this product comes in contact with your eyes or skin, it can burn, cause an allergic reaction, or even damage your eyesight.

Cyanoacrylate is a medical-grade adhesive. When exposed to the air, it releases fumes that can irritate the sensitive membranes in the eyes, nose, and throat; this is why your eyes should be closed during this procedure.

If some lashes are glued to lash hair ready to fall out and others that aren’t, it can pull out the lash prematurely and disrupt the growth cycle of your natural lashes. Certified lash technicians are trained to identify eyelash growth cycles.

Professional-grade tweezers come to a sharp point to isolate each eyelash. When something so sharp is very close to one eye when the other eye is closed, it can be almost impossible to perform this intricate procedure and is potentially very dangerous.

Why You Should See a Certified Lash Technician

Certified lash technicians spend many hours training in and practicing the safe application of eyelash extensions. Needless to say, this procedure requires a steady hand to hold the lash tweezers, not only to ensure proper application but also to avoid damage to the sensitive eye area. Glues that contain cyanoacrylate are also potentially dangerous when not handled by a professional.

Before booking your lash extension service, make sure your artist is a certified lash technician.

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