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hypersensitive skin

Having hyper sensitive skin is an issue that many people have. And we’re not just talking about kids hitting puberty or slightly older people on the cusp of aging. Skin problems can even happen to celebrities and other human beings from all walks of life. Skin imperfections are caused by stress, not enough sleep, diet, deficiency in vitamins and even beauty products.

Yes, several skin care products and makeup are harsh for your skin. While it may enhance your looks, sometimes it has lasting harmful effects that may cause your skin to break out or worse. But worry no more. Unlike the previous years, the internet age has made it possible for you to have easy access to products to help you with your skin issues.

Here are ways on how you can take care of your hypersensitive skin:

  1. Use hypoallergenic products for your beauty regimen. This includes skin care (like facial wash, toners, moisturizers and cleansers) and make up (such as primers, foundation and more). A lot of major brands like Clinique and Bare Minerals have products for sensitive skin.
  2. Before purchasing a product, check its ingredients. Products that contain a few of these harmful ingredients like zinc oxide, artificial colorings, fragrances and parabens often cause skin irritation and breakouts.
  3.  Try to do a test patch or skin test as much as possible.
  4.  If you have serious skin problems like extreme acne and more, consulting a dermatologist is your best best.
  5.  Try to keep your face as clean as possible by washing it with water.
  6.  You can also go organic with your skincare products. Lemon is just one ingredient that’s  not only great for flushing out toxins but as a skin care product as well.
  7. Avoid using as many beauty products as you can. You can just stick with the basics like moisturizers and give your face a break by going makeup free on some days.

Your face does not have to look bare even without these beauty products. Wonderfully shaped brows and eyelash extensions are sometimes just what you need to enhance your beauty.