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Foundation is the base for your make-up. Putting it up may sound simple but it actually isn’t. A rule in wearing a foundation is should make the skin perfect but natural without people noticing a foundation is applied. You may have chosen the wrong foundation making its application quite tricky. Learning to apply the foundation properly is the more difficult part besides choosing the right foundation.

If you want to learn how to choose and apply foundation on your face to make it more natural and flawless, follow the steps below:

1. Liquid foundation is much better that a powder or cream
Choosing a liquid formula foundation is much preferred that cream or powder because it looks more natural and is buildable. It can also mimic the texture of the actual skin. Take note that it comes in various finishes.
2. Properly prepare your skin always

Know what type of skin you have. Dry and rough patches of skin needs chemical exfoliant and then moisturizer before the foundation is applies. Oily skin and large pores need a primer first before the foundation.

3. Prep some more

You may start by using a hydrating toner and then massage with oil, serum or cream depending on your skin concerns. Always keep your skin hydrated.

4. Mix multiple primers

It is recommended to use multiple formulas for you to achieve the right mixture of benefits. Some people that have oily skin have some kind of combination skin. You can smooth a primer that is oil controlling in your T-zone and silicone-based primer to the rest of the face.

5. Customizing the foundation to achieve the right shade

To get the exact shade that suits your skin, you must custom-blend your foundation. You need two shades of foundation. One that is lighter and then another that is darker than your skin. Put a small amount of each on the back and then mix. Test it out on the jaw line. When blend seamlessly, you have achieved the right combination.