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Have you ever wondered if your newly-purchased beauty products actually work? With you always looking at the mirror, you feel that there are no real changes that are happening even after long use? With the advancement in technology, you can now actually monitor how effective your beauty products are, or if it’s already time to try a new one. Good thing, with the advent of mobile phones and technology, you can now track your products’ results.

The YouCam Makeup app has been around for quite some time now.  It has already been downloaded and used by many people to take pictures and beautify them. Now, they added a new feature called the Skin Dairy.  It is a digital face mapping application that is very handy; it will surely become a trend in just a short time.

The simply analysis the blemishes on your face overtime and determines if the product you’re using are really doing their jobs. You just need to take a selfie in the similar position with the similar lighting every day. A breakdown of the wrinkles, spots, dark circles as well as the skin’s texture will be given to you b y the app.

Aside from the scores achieved from the four categories, you will also receive a possible ‘skin age’. The stats achieved are ranked and compared with the other people’s profile stored in YouCam’s database. The higher the number a person gets, the healthier are their complexion.

With this app, you can surely know if your routine as well as your products are working with you 100 percent. This can even help you decide which product is suited for you by the results they track. You’ll now know whether you’re just wasting your money or not.

Plus, the app is totally free. You can just download it on Google Play or App Store.