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eyebrow embroidery

Microblading or eyebrow embroidery is one of the more popular beauty trends in recent years. Other names for this include 3D eyebrow, micropigmentation and eyebrow feathery. So what is it exactly and why is it more and more women have tried this?

Though it just got popular recently in Northern America, eyebrow embroidery has been in practice in many parts of Asia for close to three decades already.

Microblading VS Eyebrow Tattoo

Comparisons and similarities are made between the two. Both allow you to have the freedom of not penciling your brows when you do your makeup. But that’s where the similarities end. Tattoos use a machine while eyebrow embroidery uses a handheld tool that draws the line of your brows. Tattoo colors become dark green, blue or brown but they retain the thickness. The color may fade or become smaller with microblading which would last between 1-3 years with touch ups.

Microblading is also a lot less painful than traditional tattoos. It also looks more natural.

Other Things You Should Know Before You Get Eyebrow Embroidery

Let’s face it, getting the right shape of brows with your pencil and brow makeup takes a lot of practice. And perfect brows are so important. If you are really pressed for time daily, then microblading is for you.

  1. Price– Microblading doesn’t come cheap. Price Range is between $400-$1000. Some salons offer free touch ups while others may cost you a fraction of the original microblading cost.
  2. Time– Average time for microblading is 1-3 hours. The artist will first draw the shape of the brows based on what you want and his/her recommendations as well. The artist will then make tiny cuts on your brow area for the ink. A handtool is used (instead of tattoo machines) to distribute fine pigments of ink to your brows. A touch up (usually included in the price you paid for the service) is needed after several weeks.
  3. Pain– Even without anesthetic or numbing cream, microblading is less painful than eyebrow tattoos. In fact, the discomfort associated with it can be compared to eyebrow threading only.
  4. Microblading should be done by an expert.

Want brows like Brooke Shields or Lily Collins? Then it’s time to put this beauty trend to a test!