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So, you’ve just treated yourself to those gorgeous Ladson Lash Extensions, and your eyes are now the talk of the town. But, hold on – the journey doesn’t end when you leave the salon chair. 

The secret to long-lasting, flutter-worthy lashes lies in the aftercare. Let’s dive into the dos and don’ts to keep those lashes looking fabulous.

The Dos of Lash Extension Aftercare

Embarking on the journey of stunning lash extensions? Buckle up, because mastering the dos is the key to keeping those lashes flutter and fabulous. From gentle cleansing rituals to regular brushing, let’s delve into the essential practices for maintaining your newfound lash allure.

Gentle Cleansing

After the first 24 hours, it’s crucial to keep your lashes clean. Use a gentle, oil-free cleanser and a soft brush to clean them. Gentle motions will prevent damage and keep your lashes in top shape.

Use Oil-Free Products

Oil and lash extensions are like frenemies – they just don’t get along. Opt for oil-free makeup removers and skincare products to ensure your lashes stay put. Oil can weaken the adhesive bond, leading to premature lash fallout.

Brush Regularly

Invest in a spoolie brush and give your lashes a gentle comb through daily. This helps prevent tangling and keeps the extensions evenly distributed, maintaining that flawless look.

Protect During Sleep

Be mindful of how you sleep. Consider using a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction, and if you’re a restless sleeper, think about getting a lash-friendly sleep mask.

Schedule Regular Refills

Lashes have a natural shedding cycle, and getting regular refills ensures your extensions always look full and lush. Aim for touch-ups every 2-3 weeks to maintain that stunning gaze.

The Don’ts of Lash Extension Aftercare

Now that you’re armed with the dos for maintaining those fabulous lashes, let’s dive into the things you should steer clear of – the don’ts.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Oil is the arch-enemy of lash extensions. Steer clear of oil-based makeup, cleansers, and skincare products. They can break down the adhesive and lead to premature lash loss.

Say No to Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara might be a lifesaver for your natural lashes, but it’s a big no-no for extensions. The tough removal process can damage the extensions and weaken the bond.

Hands Off

Resist the urge to touch or pull at your lashes. Twirling or playing with them can lead to breakage and even pull out your natural lashes. Treat them like delicate little divas!

Skip the DIY Removal

If you decide it’s time to bid farewell to your extensions, resist the urge to remove them yourself. Seek professional help to avoid damaging your natural lashes in the process.

Avoid Steam and Saunas

While a steamy sauna session might sound relaxing, it’s not ideal for lash extensions. Excessive heat and humidity can weaken the adhesive, causing premature shedding.

The Wrap Up

Remember, a little care goes a long way. Follow these dos and steer clear of the don’ts to ensure your lash extensions stay on point, leaving you with a gaze that turns heads wherever you go. Ready to flaunt those fabulous lashes? Book your appointment with Carolina Eye Candy today and let the beauty journey begin! Happy lashing!