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Okay, to begin this is not about the actual $ cost of eyelash extensions, but the cost of receiving a service from someone unlicensed for cheap, and what it ACTUALLY costs in the end. Eyelash extensions are beautiful enhancements to one’s natural lashes to create volume, length, and color without the use of mascara. This is a wonderful invention of which has been around for many years, and perfected for modern times. I was excited when I became an Xtreme Lashes stylist in 2008. I have never regretted it, but I have definitely had my days when I questioned if I should continue to forge ahead when it seemed like so many questioned why it “costs so much”. I have to say that I have learned in this industry that if someone has to ask why something costs what it does, then they really should do their research. After that has been done they should save their money until they can afford to have it done by a certified professional, for this is an investment in one’s personal beauty. It’s no different than receiving a face lift, botox and fillers, and other cosmetic enhancements. It is not cheap, but it is worth it.
I have worked with so many women of all ages over the years, and the one thing that to this day still bothers me is seeing eyelash extensions offered by unlicensed practitioners, or those that have not taken specialized training in order to offer this service. I can only speak for my state, but in SC only licensed Cosmetologists, Estheticians, or those in the medical field have the authority to work with anyone to provide eyelash extensions. So that means nail technicians are NOT authorized to offer this service. They are licensed to work with the hands and feet, that is all. But because so many have thought that this service compares to applying an eyelash strip on someone, they believed that this service is something they could offer as well. So sure, you could go to your local nail salon and get a “full set” of lashes for between $25-$50 (depending on which you choose), but is it worth your eyelashes health? I have heard horror stories from women who have had nail glue, super glue, and hair glue used to apply lashes to their eyelids, lids become swollen, and lashes feel heavy and unnatural.

I have seen women come in that have had lash baldness, gaps and spaces in their lashes, and hope I can fix it. I can only help that person at the point they are by advising them to stay clear of these places, and to use a product that will help their lashes to grow back, like the Amplifeye (TM) Lash and Brow Fortifier by Xtreme Lashes. I have seen this product work wonders for my clients. As their lashes begin to show signs of health again, at this time I would advise them that it would be safe to begin applying eyelash extensions. As a professional, it is always my desire to achieve a beautiful look while protecting the natural lashes.

Think about it, your eyes are what allows you to see this beautiful world. Would you risk your eyesight and problems with your vision simply because you wanted to save money? So when you get this service done, do not be afraid to ask to see certification of training in this specialized field. Specialized training is critical. For example, a family practice doctor has to receive specialized training if he desires to practice in cosmetic surgery. Why would it be any different for an Esthetician, cosmetologist, or any one else in the beauty or medical field to offer this specialized service? So to sum it all up, remember how important your eyes are, and go see a certified professional for this service. Do not be afraid to ask to see certification. There are many people getting into this specialized practice by watching videos and purchasing products without any real education and training. Enhance your beauty, safely : )