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Spring is upon us and here are 3 makeup trends that we know you will want to wear.


Rihanna launched a pure-gold highlighter that made a ripple through the beauty world. She rocked her very own Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife (a vibrant, metallic yellow-gold).


The “glass skin” look has taken over Korea as of late. To achieve a reflective texture of this magnitude on your face you will need to use products that will deliver deep penetration rather than those that simply sit on top. Use an exfoliator to buff skin so it has that very smooth texture followed by a hydrating serum to help give that glass-like appearance.


Step 1: Prep your eye and clean up your brow line using a primer.

Step 2: Blend a bone-colored shadow acros the top of your lid to where it meets your brow.

Step 3: Add a little more definition to your top lid with a darker, neutral shade.

Step 4: Take a neutral or black eyeliner inside your bottom waterline and slightly under your eye, flicking the outer corner upward (don’t go too far down, yet!).

Step 5: Grab a darker colored eyeshadow of your choosing and start to soften the lower liner. Then take a lighter version of the color a little lower to buff and blend the color out. Alter how much product you’re using and how thick your lines are depending on how dramatic you want the look to be!

Step 6: Don’t forget to complete your look with the perfect set of Carolina Eye Candy lashes!