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Ever wondered how people have gorgeous tans even in the dead of winter? Welcome to the world of sunless tanning! While there are other types of sunless tanning like tanning beds, this article is all about spray tanning.

Spray tanning, help people get that golden glow no matter what time of the year it is without using tanning beds. This procedure is actually very easy to do. You just need to spray a thin mist on any parts of your body and you get the shade of tan that you want.

Listed below are the things that you need to know about spray tanning:

  1. As mentioned above, getting a spray tan is the fastest and easiest way to achieve that sun kissed glow that you would only get if you had the chance to frolic at the beach during summer.
  2. Spray tanning involves the chemical Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) or glycerone which comes from plants like sugarcane and sugar beets. It is also derived from glycerine fermentation.
  3. Allowing a professional therapist do the spray tanning for you will ensure that you are evenly tanned all over. Also it would allow you to get the actual shade you wanted without the risk of going “too orange”.
  4. There are several options for spray tanning. There’s the spray booth that allows for a faster and even tanning in no time. Others use airbrush guns or spray guns. The most affordable yet probably the most difficult to do is DIY using tanning products found in your local drugstore.

At Carolina Eye Candy, we believe that spray tanning is makeup for your body. We use professional sunless tanning products. Get up to Five Shades Darker in LESS than 8 Hours!! AH-mazing, Natural, UV Free Results for ANY special event or just to have a natural boost of color! Results last 5-7 days (or longer). Carolina Eye Candy’s spray tanning products can be used on your face because they are Non-Comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores and also will not change the color of your tattoo. 

We use Norvell products for our spray tanning!

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