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Almost every woman suffers from sensitive skin. They may not be similar from one another, but they still suffer the same skin condition. Skin sensitivity may range from blushing easily, irritable skin, flaky and dry patches and more.

Sensitive skin became a general term in describing several condition either from dry skin, general irritation or medical condition rosacea. The only thing similar to all these conditions is inflammation. This happens when the outer barrier layer of the skin is damaged either from too much exposure from  the sun, contact with irritants or lack of hydration.

The skin becomes even more sensitive in winter where it becomes drier. It also worsens as women ages because the older the skin is, the more dehydrated it becomes.

Different Ways in Soothing Sensitive Skin:

You must already know that fragile skin needs special care if you have already experienced sensitive skin. The good news is, there are already several ways in calming down irritated skin and helping strengthen the protective moisture barrier of the skin.

  1. Moisturize

The best thing to do in helping improve the skin’s healthy look is to moisturize regularly. Immediately apply the lotion after you shower or wash your face to maximize its effectiveness. This method will secure the dampness that is still present in the skin for maximum hydration.

  1. Protect

Always wear an SPF moisturizer every day of the year to protect the skin from too much exposure from the sun. Too much exposure from the sun and its damaging rays is the number one trigger for skin sensitivity.

  1. Take  shorter and cooler showers

Try limiting your showers to a maximum of ten minutes. After that, wash them with luke warm water.

  1. Try using a humidifier

Using a humidifier helps in providing additional moisture to the air especially during the drier months.