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So last week, we had an experience where a young lady walked in needing assistance. She went to a nail salon in the area we will not mention by name, but this place is known for applying lashes to customers. They are not licensed or properly trained in this service, so they in essence providing a “disservice” to their guests. We had to remove the lashes she had applied at the other business, cleanse and properly prep her natural lashes, and then applied our signature “Carolina Eye Candy” Lashes to her natural lashes. As you can see from the picture, the bottom picture gives her a much softer appearance than the top picture, which is what the other business provided (*coughs*) for her. They applied clusters of lashes that essentially provided a full strip.

The Carolina Eye Candy lashes are really a great option for those that want to look a little more glam, but do not have the budget and/or time to afford more. So do your research, and ask yourself if you can afford to have a service provider give a service that will damage your lashes in the long run. Love your eyes and take care of them by trusting them to certified professionals : )