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Rainy days usually make an appearance, and when it does, it become just a little bit harder and more challenging to for us to go out looking our best. But while you might think that the only option is to go bare-faced and just keep your hair in a messy bun, you can actually wear makeup when going out despite the gray skies.

Here are eight foolproof tips to make sure you’re still looking your best despite the weather.

  1. It’s all about the base. Do not skip the primer. Instead, invest in a good waterproof primer. Just dab a small amount on your face before putting the rest of your makeup on. It ensures that your makeup stays put all through the day.
  2. Keep it simple. Dark, smoky eyes and pouring rain do not match. Unless you’re glamming up for the Awards Night, use light, natural colors which are easy to retouch. Any smears will be less noticeable too!
  3. Avoid using powder blush when it’s raining. Use a cream blush for its staying power. Plus it’s easier to apply on the go. You can use your fingers, just dab it on your cheeks and spread evenly.
  4. Keep your makeup on hand for retouch. It’s a good idea to have your makeup ready in case you need to do a quick touch up. Extra makeup wipes and Q-tips should also be included in your purse in case damage control is needed.
  5. Avoid getting raccoon eyes, use clear mascara during the day. Or you can skip it altogether. If mascara is really a must, then you need to invest in a good, waterproof mascara. Check online reviews before buying.
  6. Don’t forget the Setting Spray. A lot of people skip this step, but this is actually very important in making sure that the makeup stays put, despite the possibility of being caught in the rain. Mind you, don’t confuse it with the finishing spray. The setting spray is formulated keep your makeup right where you left it. The finishing spray is used to moisten the skin for that dewy look.
  7. Dry your hair completely before going out if you have straight hair to avoid that frizzy, bedraggled look.
  8. Don’t forget your umbrella. You and your waterproof makeup don’t stand a chance if you get caught in a torrential rain. Make sure that you have an umbrella before setting out. If you don’t have one yet, now is the time to get one.