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e6c980f3b35cb9bac17ab0c40a9c4a26Want to get organized, but feel it is out of your grasp? Sure, you watch videos of organizing mavens who have the perfect, pristine homes and offices. But you have to remember that these people do this for a living. If you are a hair stylist, or a doctor or school teacher, chances are you don’t have the time to invest in making your home and office a more functional space. You must remember, it is not a magic wand, it is a mindset shift. There are things you can do to achieve a more functional, organized space in the time that you have available. This is what people are are highly organized do everyday.


So here’s the deal: Most people whose spaces are effortlessly organized don’t actually think about organizing very much at all. Being organized is not their ultimate goal; it’s simply a byproduct of their lifestyle. Most people want to ensure their time is well spent, so they don’t have to spend a lot of time looking through clutter to find what they are looking for, so they have it organized! So this comes down to priorities. The priority is making sure they know where things are, not to impress others by how all of their items in the pantry have the label facing forward. In a life of things that pull for our attention, it is important to sit down a me a list of what matters to you. From this, you can figure out what needs to stay, what goes, and what needs to be in a space and defined so they know what they need and want at the appointed time.


I’m not talking about selling your home for a smaller space necessarily. But I am sure there are items in the closets and pantry that could go. This will definitely help to free up some space, and thereby making it more feasible to organize. Organized people are constantly looking at what they have and deciding if it should remain or leave. This eliminates them having large sessions of decluttering, or constant garage sales. It is just recognizing when something has overstayed its welcome and letting it go. So this will be in small doses.


Organized spaces can make you feel some type of way. Calming, stress-free can be some of the feelings of euphoria you feel because you have implemented a system. So the priority is to figure out a system that you know you can actually work with. Throwing all your mail into one bin, and tossing your clothes on the chair in your bedroom is not a system (although it is something I have been guilty of). Set up a system you can actually work with, that you know you can and will follow.


Organization is a continual process, and there will be times that things will get out of order a bit, but if you are maintaining, getting things back in their proper place will not take a lot of time to do. Slow and steady is what you want to do, because Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the mess and disorganization probably wasn’t either. So organizing must become a habit. Once it has become a habit, getting a little bit of clutter from the kitchen counters or living room won’t turn into an all day session of cleaning, just a few minutes of your time putting items in their designated spaces.


NO ONE IS PERFECT! Even the most organized people have times where clothing may be on the bed, some socks on the floor, or towels tossed across the bathtub. Don’t give up! Just keep doing what you need to do in order to get yourself back on track. If you find a system you have implemented is not working for you, try something new. Research and see what will suit your personality type for organizing. Remember sometimes it is different strokes for different folks. So just give it a try, because you don’t have anything to lose, but more to gain, like a more organized space which will lead to a more organized mind and freeing your time to focus on other things. Check out one of my favorite Youtubers, At Home With Nikki. She is just amazing, and a pro at what she does. Her style is enviable, and her passion and professionalism is one of a kind. #organizationgoals

I’m a stickler for organization at Carolina Eye Candy, making sure our clients eyelash information is in order, and our waxing and threading products for brows services are not in disarray. I always want to ensure when our beauty guests come in for their services, we are ready to perform the task at hand. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you find some useful information in this blog for organization of your home and your life.

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