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moisturize_skinI have combination skin, where it is a mixture of dry and oilier areas (my t-zone, the area that lines the nose and the forehead and sometimes the chin). As a child, I used to practically live on Sea Breeze (remember that product?!) and cotton balls, wiping away the areas that caused me frustration due to the oil buildup and swiping until the cotton ball didn’t look dirty anymore. Well, who knew I would grow up to become a licensed esthetician (I certainly didn’t, seeing as I wanted to be a model and a dancer when I was child, ha ha!) and that I was doing so much damage to my skin! Well in my education I learned that having oily skin is one of nature’s best gifts that could be given to a woman (or a man) because what in essence oily skin people have is a natural mechanism to moisturizing the skin. Oils can be annoying and frustrating when wearing makeup for sure. But overproduction of oils can cause breakouts and acne, and that is something we must control. Using the proper skincare products will combat the acne breakouts without drying out one’s skin. Some products will dry out the skin (like Sea Breeze) and remove the essential natural oils the skin produces to keep the skin supple.
Moisturizing, my friends, is the key to warding off premature wrinkles (coupled with sunscreen). So using moisturizer is not just a good idea, it should be a part of your morning and evening rituals. And your evening moisturizer can eve have some retinol to help turn over your skin cells, as your skin repairs itself at night.
At Carolina Eye Candy in Summerville, Charleston and Columbia, we use the PCA skincare and Saian skincare products in our beauty facials and the are available to be ordered for you as well for at-home care to help you in moisturizing and warding off wrinkles. These lines have great moisturizers to choose from that are great for any skin type. So let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to assisting you.
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