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Not to knock mascara in anyway, as it definitely does serve its purpose. But have you ever wondered why the mascara commercials have models and celebrities with THE BEST looking lashes you have ever seen? Have you considered the reasons why there is a new mascara launch practically every month? Well I think I have the answer; it’s because these models and celebrities are made up by make-up artists that add eyelash extensions, lash inserts, or eyelash strips to their lashes and then apply their “latest, greatest” mascara to the lash additions! (Well, at least they actually use it at some point) Some of the commercials even use the power of photo shop to create the dramatic effect you see. Do not be fooled. You can never achieve that bold, dramatic, long luscious look with mascara alone. The next time you see a mascara commercial, look for the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen in fine print. It will read something to the effect of “Lash Inserts used to create look”, “Dramatization” or something similar along those lines. You will see the disclaimer on most Cover Girl ads in magazines as well. The use of false lashes has been around for many years. Eyelash Extensions are here to stay : )

Check out this article from 2011 about this very issue, and thanks for reading!