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Personally, I didn’t grow up surrounded by makeup wearers.  I was one girl in a family full of boys and religious women, so it was foreign to me.  As an adult, honestly I LOVE seeing others in makeup, and sometimes get a little excited when I see someone applying makeup to themselves and seeing the transformation!  But honestly for myself, I am not a huge fan.  Not because I don’t like makeup, I am just a get up and go kind of girl, and I am always going.  So for me, lashes have been my go-to item in the past three years.  Now that I have an awesome stylist who can do my lashes the way I like them, because I cannot apply them to myself, I am in heaven because it makes me feel awake and alive.

So I understand how people who love wearing makeup feel.  It gives them a good feeling for many various reasons.  Unfortunately, in the judgmental society in which we live in, there are people that are “makeup shaming” others who wear it a lot, saying they are insecure, or other hurtful things.  No one knows why people choose to wear makeup, it is a personal decision.  Just as for me, it is my personal decision NOT to wear makeup regularly, but I do wear it when it deems necessary.  For instance, if i have a television or video appearance, it is a must for lighting purposes.

Check out this cool article I found on this topic, and draw some inspiration from it just as I have.

Beauty & Blessings,

Elizabeth Jennings



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