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Living in a society that is drenched in social media, it is amazing how people can show such disregard for others.  I believe people make the world either a place of beauty, or something very ugly.  So when I say “Living In An Ugly World”, what I mean is that some people can be very ugly; their behavior that is.  I don’t believe calling someone on how they look based on what one person believes is beautiful, or sexy, or pretty, or even unattractive is fair, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Love goes so much deeper than the physical appearances of people, and beauty is only skin deep.


Well a woman had the bravery to show her face without makeup, and the comments were beyond rude, and some were very vulgar!  Check out this beauty blogger’s video response below to some ugly people in this ugly world.  I think her response is absolutely beautiful!

Beauty and Blessings,

Elizabeth Jennings



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