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Imperfections are human!  As a human, in everyday life we see many things that make us aspire to do more, achieve more, gain more, push more.  But as humans, we have to chill a little and live a little.


I am first partaker in this advice.  As the CEO of Carolina Eye Candy, I have so many things on my plate as a business owner.  But sometimes, I don’t get it all accomplished, and I have felt bad at times.  But as I am learning, imperfections are human.  We are not robots, that can keep going and going.  Here are some things you can eliminate the guilt for indulging in, and heck, being human!

Skipping Workouts – Guilty!  I have done this, and I haven’t always felt great about it, but I’m not talking about skipping working out simply just to skip it.  If you had a long day the previous day, or your body is just saying “I need some more sleep”, then by all means, listen to your body.

Eating Fats – I love cheese!! Cheese is my friend and I feel as if you are going to workout, you are going to eat healthy, and our bodies need a certain amount of fat in order to  balance the good stuff.  Also, if you’re burning fat all the time, you will need something to burn off, right?  Eat good fats like avocados, coconut oils, seeds, nuts and nutty butters more than the unhealthy ones of course.

Indulging in Goodies – We are human, don’t you forget that!  So why do you believe that you can never have a nice slice of cake, or enjoy some ice cream every now and then.  If you are avoiding more than you are indulging, I don’t think that you are on the wrong track.  And a good old slice of pie can help you get through this thing called life sometimes.  Apple pie and vanilla ice cream to be exact ; )

Sleeping In – I used to love doing this on the weekends when I was a teenager, because of course school was so hard! (Well at least that  is what I used to think before I became an adult, LOL).  But in the human race, of working, serving, and all the adult things we have to do, sleeping in can seem like a sin!  But every once in a while, I think it is cool to just lay in the bed when you aren’t asleep, and enjoy those covers.  Watching something you’ve missed on Hulu or Netflix can make it seem even more enjoyable.  So try it sometime!

As imperfections are human, if we are not making a habit of these things, it makes our life even more beautiful.  Balance is key, and taking a moment to be a regular person will not make your days any less than perfect.

Beauty & Blessings,

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