Imperfections are human!  As a human, in everyday life we see many things that make us aspire to do more, achieve more, gain more, push more.  But as humans, we have to chill a little and live a little.


I am first partaker in this advice. ¬†As the CEO of Carolina Eye Candy, I have so many things on my plate as a business owner. ¬†But sometimes, I don’t get it all accomplished, and I have felt bad at times. ¬†But as I am learning, imperfections are human. ¬†We are not robots, that can keep going and going. ¬†Here are some things you can eliminate the guilt for indulging in, and heck, being human!

Skipping Workouts – Guilty! ¬†I have done this, and I haven’t always felt great about it, but I’m not talking about skipping working out simply just to skip it. ¬†If you had a long day the previous day, or your body is just saying “I need some more sleep”, then by all means, listen to your body.

Eating Fats – I love cheese!! Cheese is my friend and I feel as if you are going to workout, you are going to eat healthy, and our bodies need a certain amount of fat in order to ¬†balance the good stuff. ¬†Also, if you’re burning fat all the time, you will need something to burn off, right? ¬†Eat good fats like avocados, coconut oils, seeds, nuts and nutty butters more than the unhealthy ones of course.

Indulging in Goodies – We are human, don’t you forget that! ¬†So why do you believe that you can never have a nice slice of cake, or enjoy some ice cream every now and then. ¬†If you are avoiding more than you are indulging, I don’t think that you¬†are on the wrong track. ¬†And a good old slice of pie can help you get through this thing called life sometimes. ¬†Apple pie and vanilla ice cream to be exact ; )

Sleeping In – I used to love doing this on the weekends when I was a teenager, because of course school was so hard! (Well at least that ¬†is what I used to think before I became an adult, LOL). ¬†But in the human race, of working, serving, and all the adult things we have to do, sleeping in can seem like a sin! ¬†But every once in a while, I think it is cool to just lay in the bed when you aren’t asleep, and enjoy those covers. ¬†Watching something you’ve missed on Hulu or Netflix can make it seem even more enjoyable. ¬†So try it sometime!

As imperfections are human, if we are not making a habit of these things, it makes our life even more beautiful.  Balance is key, and taking a moment to be a regular person will not make your days any less than perfect.

Beauty & Blessings,

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