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We love to pursue a good beauty trend. Modernized mullet? Neon eyeshadows? graphic eyeliners? Proclamation blush? Sign us up! Make-up artist experts and lash specialists are anticipating that this 2022 make-up style would be bolder, experimental, more innovative, and will place more emphasis on the eyes since we will probably be wearing our mask for some time longer.

There are different styles, shapes, and kinds of eyelash extensions available for you and your lash artist is prepared to stir them up as indicated by the most recent trends; texture, curls, and ornaments. Take a look at the most recent lash extension styles for 2022 and check whether they’re the ideal style for you to try on.



Another intriguing make-up trend we’ve seen popping up everywhere on social media is adding little crystal stone embellishments to your face. We’ve seen them in the inward corner of the eye, adapted on the eyebrow, on the cheekbone, and presently we add them to our lash extensions.

Despite the fact that they might appear to be scaring, embellishments, for example, jewels are one way to the simplest approach to go all out with lash overhauls in 2022.


Wearing masks has made us ditch full-coverage foundations and more into letting our actual skin texture glow. As we center more around spotless, dewy skin in 2022, lash enthusiasts will likewise need lash extensions that match this super natural glass skin. Wet-look lash style is not exactly a new trend, but this look is definitely staying for this year!

The wet look lash style looks like wet volume lashes after a lash extension wearer has cleaned up yet before the lashes have been lightened up. The wet lash look is made by utilizing thin, nearly close volume fans. This look is incredible for making a surface and it impeccably matches the dewy skin look.


This trend was started and popularized by Kim K, hence the trend name. This finished look is distinguished by volume lashes blended with spikes of longer lengths for a very impressive look. What makes this trend to be unique? There are longer lash strands included between the primary lash set, an alternating lash length method. You can choose to do the wispy style in two different ways. It’s to either dial up the volume and the dramatization, with exceptionally full benchmark lashes and longer wisps, or choose insignificant all-over lashes, letting the more extended length spikes boost your normal lashes. This style is to highlight a fuzzy look rather than spiky. This gives out the spiky glitz look we generally find in Kim’s Instagram posts. In certain spots, it’s otherwise called falsie/strip lash.


Bright-colored lash extensions, which used to be for a couple of capricious clients, are now gaining attention from the public. A major cosmetic trend of vivid eyeshadow and eyeliner makes this progress simpler for some individuals as colored lashes will mix in with their eccentric background as opposed to standing out on their own.

This lash trend began with shaded mascaras and progressed its method for lash extensions later on. Pulling off a crude lash is difficult and may be hard to achieve so choosing earthy colored lashes can assist with accomplishing something more pleasant, natural look. Whenever you’re accustomed to the color, you can select more bright tones like pink or purple. Pick a style that is appropriate for the occasion.

There are several salons that offer exceptional colored eyelash extensions such as Carolina Eye Candy in South Carolina. Candy Lashes or Mermaid Lashes as we call them, have a variety of colored extensions mixed perfectly with black extensions, an excellent product that spices up your eyes.



This eyelash extension, much like hair trend, is half black and half color. For example, you could choose a light red for the tips while keeping the extension roots black. Colors vary based on what is available at your salon. It’s a great way to add a splash of color without going overboard!



Based on the most recent searches by Pinterest, queries for white eyelashes have increased by more than 4800 percent within the last quarter, and it’s not difficult to see why after looking at some reference photos. The cosmetic trend, also known as “salt and pepper lash expansions,” is achieved by blending white-colored eyelash extensions or fake lashes with your natural lashes. The light-colored hairs can be arranged in a set near the end or middle of your lashes, or they can be scattered throughout the entire lash line – it’s up to you. It gives you a high-distinction look that is strong but not overpowering.

You could try searching for ‘lash extension places near me’ and find a lash expert that can apply individual white lashes similarly as with natural eyelash extension, however, in the event that you want the look done without the drawn-out responsibility, a bunch of phony lashes will get the job done. Looking for lash extension experts in South Carolina? Head on over to Carolina Eye Candy now!