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beauty and skin care trends

  • Vaseline

Need to dye your hair? Worried about smudges afterward? Worry no more. You can prevent smudges when you apply Vaseline in your ears and along your hairline. Wash off the Vaseline and dye after you complete coloring your hair. Ensure to carefully apply Vaseline away from the hair for it could hinder the color from settling on the hair follicles.


  • Hot white tea and apple vinegar

Cool a mixture of 1/3 cup hot white tea and 1/3 cup apple cider. Apply the mixture in the face using a cotton ball. Apply on the areas that are bothering you. This combination clears pores and restores the pH balance.


  • Apple Cider

Shampoo and conditioner advertisements promise to give you softer and shinier hair but they could actually harm your hair. Some products may actually be good but they are quite expensive. Apple cider, however, is cheap and could really give your hair the shine you always wanted. Use a cup of apple cider after you shampoo and rinse it with cold water.

apple cider vinegar


  • Lip balm and blush

Want to make your own lip tint? Why not mix some of your blush and lip balm to create a lip stain in a very cheap way. Added bonus, it’s more moisturizing than the other lip tints.


  • Coffee

People often wanted to have a brunette hair color. So, people sometimes go from blondes to brunettes by dyeing their hair. You can lengthen the color of your hair by mixing your conditioner with ground coffee beans. Good thing is, your hair will also smell like latte which is nice.


  • Mint Leaves

You may enjoy late nights watching television but your eyes most definitely do not enjoy the dark circles forming underneath. Wear a mask of mint leaves for twenty minutes and your eyes will definitely thank you.


  • Olive oil and Sugar

Apply a mixture of olive oil and sugar to your elbows, lips, feet, and face. Make the consistency of your mixture gritty. These exfoliants will not harm your skin and still soft on the skin.