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Stress has almost become a part of our daily lives especially for those who work. Many of us experience this and have come to manage it well. But most of them can only see and avoid the ‘physical/external’ stress. They have forgotten to know and look over the ‘internal stress’ that can also result in external signs. In order to relieve the stress, you must first know the cause, basic signs and tips to avoid it.

  • The stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, can damage the skin.
  • We tend to stop eating and exercising when we are stressed, and this can be reflected on our skin.
  • Stress can cause unbalanced digestion further resulting to skin problems like oiliness, dryness, dullness and blemishes.
  • Stress causes lack of sleep.
  • Essential fatty acids can be lacking if stressed and may result n rosacea, irritation or eczema, psoriasis and skin dryness.
  • Drinking too much alcohol when stressed can cause dehydration of both skin and body.
  • Temporary hair loss can be a result from severe stress.
  • Rapid weight loss can also have a negative effect on the skin.
  • Permanent wrinkles can be a result from constant muscle tension.


Identifying skin stress


  • Evident lines and wrinkles (frown and worry lines)
  • Oilier skin because of increased oil production
  • Outbreak of acne related to stress.
  • Pale and drawn skin
  • Dark skin and bags under the eyes
  • Muscle tension and headaches
  • Brittle and peeling nails

Tips in avoiding stress

  • Give time to take care of the skin to remove the negative effects of the skin
  • Honey gels are effective in controlling acne flare-ups
  • Use Manuka oil on individual acne spots as well as fever blisters.
  • Replace hydration by using a toning gel and moisturizer every day.
  • Restore the barrier function of the skin by using a good and protective moisturizer day and night.
  • To trap and maintain the moisture in the skin, apply your moisturizer while the skin is slightly damp.
  • Avoid harsh kinds of detergent soaps. Use body wash and hand wash instead.
  • Use exfoliants twice a week to encourage healty collagen and elastin production as well as stimulate cell renewal.