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Korean beauty routines have increasingly become popular not only from their own country but from all over the world as well. They not only have an incredibly good make-up application tips and procedures, they also have better skin-care rituals than most. The way their skin glows and seems poreless even without makeup is envy for others who also wanted such skin but don’t know how.

Now, they have this new beauty trend that they are proud to present and share to all men and women all over the world. This trend is the most talked about, liked and shared in social media, especially in Instagram, is what they call the “glass skin”. It is called as such because of how the skin looked dewy and hydrated, and as clear and transparent as a glass.

The simple treatment provides a luminous and clear skin that is what many people are dreaming to have. It could bring out a person’s inner glow and make him or her shine more. To achieve that kind of glow, one should follow the procedures correctly and consistently. Doing the procedure for just a few nights will not deliver you your desired results.

Here are the steps that should be followed correctly and continuously to achieve the trending glass skin.

  1. First step to achieve the look is to remove all the dirt that has accumulated on the face the whole day. You can use a good exfoliator and make up remover to remove dead skin on the face and leave behind a smoother texture.
  2. To have the natural shine, a hydrating serum is dabbed on the skin. If you want to soak your skin overnight with the serum, use only a small amount. A hydrating face mask is also better than serum.
  3. Make this treatment a routine and repeat it every night.