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Got a wardrobe emergency? Did you get gum on your favorite pair of pants but you absolutely do not want to throw it out? Maybe we can help you with these pro tips that are guaranteed to work.

1. Unshrink your clothes. Did you accidentally shrink your shirt or pants in the dryer? Don’t worry there is a way to unshrink them so you can wear them again. You just need a tub of lukewarm water, baby shampoo and two large, fluffy bath towels. Just pour a capful of baby shampoo into the tub of lukewarm water, let your clothes soak and gently work them with your hands. Once you’re done, use the first bat towel to soak up all the moisture from the clothes. Then lay the second towel flat on the floor (or table) and place the clothes on top to air-dry it. Gently stretch the clothing until it returns to normal size. Then make a mental note to never put the said clothes in the dryer again.

2. Wrinkled dress? No problem! Everyone looks forward to going on vacation. What people do not look forward to is wearing wrinkled clothes during vacation. But how many people will pack their iron when on a trip? If you find yourself in this predicament, worry not. You can use your hairdryer to smooth out those wrinkles. Just hang your clothes and use water to dampen the wrinkled area, then use the hair dryer to dry it and voila! You can also use a hair straightener to straighten out those wrinkled collars and sleeves. If only it worked on people, too.

3. Save those buttons. Do you keep losing buttons and having a hard time finding a replacement that match the rest? Here’s a genius way to make sure the thread, and those buttons stay put. All you need is clear nail polish. Just polish the threads to secure them. A few strokes, let it dry and you’re done.

4. Deodorize your shoes. Does your gym bag or shoes smell, but you have no time to wash and dry them? Get rid of the smell by putting a couple of tea bags in there. Leave them overnight to soak up the bad odor.

5. Gum? What gum? Did you accidentally get gum on your pants? Those things stick better than glue and are an absolute horror to remove. But you do not need to throw out those pants just yet. Put your pants inside your freezer and leave them for a few hours. Once the gum is frozen, removing it will be a piece of cake.