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Did I say fingers as Beauty Brushes?  I absolutely did!  Your different fingers can be used to apply makeup to your face in many different ways.  For example, you can utilize your fingers can be used to apply foundation and moisturizers, because it allows for a more natural absorption and penetration than brushes and sponges.  For applying lipstick, you can blot with the tube directly to the bottom lip, and use your finger to spread it around, especially in the corners of your mouth.  Ring fingers are awesome for concealers and highlighters!  Your body heat will allow for the products to penetrate for a smoother appearance.  Using your ring finger for cream shadows and shimmers is ideal.  Just be cautious with any shimmery products, as you don’t want to use those same fingers and add shimmer to any areas where you don’t want to sparkle ; )


Remember, your skin is a delicate so be careful not to tug and pull on your skin.

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