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It’s now winter and it’s cold. It’s now the season to turn on the radiators in to full blast to keep the chill way from our bodies. Though these heaters and radiators help fight off the cold, they are also one of the reasons why our skin tend to dry out during these season aside from cold temperatures, the sun, the wind and skin care products. The best way is to protect the outermost layer of the skin.

There are already natural skincare products available in the market that is helpful in fighting of dry skin:

  1. Cleanser

Oil cleansers are useful for the skin especially during the cold season. Just pump a few drops of your favorite cleanser into your hand plus a small amount of exfoliant. You can also soak a muslin cloth into a hot water then softly wipe everything off. The secret is to have double hydration and double yet gentle exfoliation.

  1. Toner

The toner is use next after the cleanser. Choose a toner that resets the skin’s pH levels using humectants to balance the skin cell’s liquid content. Toners actually add another level of hydration to make the skin more receptive for the following serums to be applied.

  1. Serum

Two to three serums or oils are suggested to be used after toner application. Pat one after another with a few minutes interval. These serums can support barrier function, mimic the skin’s lipid content and are non-irritant.

  1. Eye Balm

Eye balms are also used to keep the areas around our eyes protected. Look for balms that last long and gives acts a natural highlighter during daytime as a bonus.

  1. Spot Treatments

Pat a brightening serum packed with arbutin and kojic acid over your brown spots. Instead of using it all over, use it as a spot treatment.

  1. Masks

Masks are used to soften the skin. There are varieties of masks available and some of them don’t take too much time to use.

  1. Sunscreen

The last step is sunscreen that is zinc-based. It is a physical blocker and effective natural choice plus it doesn’t give breakouts.