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Ok, as an Esthetician, when I heard about facial oils, I balked at this concept.  More importantly, as someone with oily/combination skin, the idea made me a bit upset.  As a child, I swore by Sea Breeze, and soaked up my cotton balls in the blue (or green) liquid and swiped my face until I saw no trace of brown stuff on it anymore.  Little did I know in my esthetics education, that I was removing the “acid mantle” from my face, which is the barrier necessary to keep your skin healthy.  Also, having oily skin is a cool thing as we get older, as it keeps wrinkles at bay longer.  (Think of a dried orange or any dried fruit, get the picture?)

Well facial oils that are applied to the face are actually helpful for many.  So I will list some of them here and their benefits.

Avocado Oils – Softens and moisturizes skin while reducing the appearance of age spots

Jojoba Oils – Great for acne-prone, oily or combo skin as it rapidly penetrates the skin and delivers nutrients sub-dermally and ‘tricks’ skin into believing that it’s produced enough oil.

Rosehip Oils – Provides lightweight but supple hydration

As I’ve described here, there are great uses for facial oils.  For those of us wearing eyelash extensions, we must use caution when applying any oils to our faces, as oils are what can cause the adhesive that attaches the extensions to the natural lashes to break down and shed.  So please use caution, and keep those oils away from those eyes.  We strive to continually educate our clients the importance of caring for their lashes at Carolina Eye Candy, so we never want to cause anyone to mess with their investment.

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