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Okay, as beauty therapists and eyelash stylists, we absolutely LOVE applying extensions to our clients natural lashes to enhance their natural beauty. The one thing that drives us bonkers is when a client comes in for maintenance of their extensions, and they are unclean.

So I know the eyelashes are meant to be treated with kid gloves and many clients do not want to touch their lashes for fear of damaging them or “ripping them out”. I can assure you, when they are cared for properly this is the last thing that will happen.

For cleansing the lashes, we recommend using lint-free microfiber brushes to cleanse lash line and the lashes with oil-free eye makeup remover or an oil-free cleanser. We spritz the brushes with the cleanser to cleanse the lash line and lashes, then use clean brushes to rinse with water. This will remove any embedded makeup, oil and debris that can collect in the lashes. This is a routine that should be done every morning and before going to bed. I know we love our makeup (some of us do and some of us go without it), but that makeup needs to be cleansed away from our faces.

Follow these tips and you will keep your peepers free from debris that could potentially cause an infection such as blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelash follicles).

Stay beautiful and well!

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