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Eat to keep a youthful face?  Yes, you heard me right.  You’ve heard “You Are What You Eat” so many times.  And it really is true!  I like to enjoy what I am eating, but we must learn to eat to live, not live to eat.  Here are some items you may want to add to your daily diet to keep a youthful appearance.


Eat This: Tomatoes –  The lycopene in tomatoes can certainly brighten up your skin, and the vitamin C helps clean up blemishes. It is also a powerful antioxidant that rebuilds environmental damage in the skin, erasing wrinkles.Good news for me, because I LOVE tomatoes. As a child, I would eat them like apples.  Who knew I was on the right track?

Eat This: Carrots – Loaded with skin-benefitting beta carotene, eating raw carrots can keep skin supple and youthful. And you don’t have to go to the beach for that summer glow with bunches of carrots in your fridge! Eating up to one cup of carrots a day can help create a pleasing color and glow without the dangers and aging effects of sun exposure.

Eat This:  Raw Foods –  While some vegetables, like tomatoes, broccoli and spinach get a nutritional boost with a little cooking, many fruits and vegetables have maximum benefits to skin, digestion, and blood circulation when eaten raw. However, if cooking is preferred, opt to lightly steam, rather than roasting, baking or frying, which changes the chemical composition of food. Fill your diet with antioxidant-rich raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables, such as cranberries, walnuts, and red bell peppers.

Eat This: Cucumbers – Placing cucumber slices on your eyes are a popular spa treatment to help reduce swelling, but did you know including lots of hydrating raw cucumbers in your diet can create clear, radiant, glowing skin, as well as reduce blemishes? The silica in in cucumbers boost your skin’s production of collagen, plumping out wrinkles and promoting elasticity. Make sure to leave on the green peel for maximum benefits.  The roughage from the cucumber skin is also good for your digestive system.

Eat This:  Lemons –  Squeezing a little lemon juice into your water can detox and cleanse your liver, which optimizes its efficiency at detoxifying your body. A clean liver means clean, healthy skin! And don’t forget to drink lots of water while you’re at it. Keeping your body hydrated and maintaining body fluid levels is key to a youthful appearance.

When you are in a rush, you can also juice these items, but eating them whole is key.  If you are looking for a great juicer, my favorite is the Breville juicer, which makes the process of drinking the items juiced much more favorable for your palette.  I find that the NutriBullet leaves so much pulp, it is hard to drink what you have “juiced”.

Have you found these tips useful?  I hope so, and let me know in the comments how you intend to get more of these beauty foods in your daily life.

Beauty & Blessings,

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