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Sometimes when these holidays such as Valentine’s Day seem to pop out of nowhere (wasn’t it just Christmas!), we can stress a bit trying to get gifts for the ones we love and care about.  But remember, stress brings about wrinkles! LOL, but no seriously (but yes, stressing does cause wrinkles, so just don’t do it) the thing to remember is that Valentine’s Day is about SHOWING someone how much you love them, it’s not something to stress about or get in over your head about.


There are many things you can do to show someone you care.  For instance, if it’s your significant other, why don’t you try to re-create a first date?  Or how about an indoor picnic by the fireplace?  Because most places are pretty chilly this time of year, a picnic in the park may not be such a good idea.  Keep it simple and sweet.  A bottle of champagne with some popcorn and a good romantic movie (or a comedy or horror flick if that’s your thing) can give you thoughts of nostalgia, and you can just enjoy each other’s company.  I personally am not for the dinners in restaurants on holidays such as Valentine’s Day, because they will be slammed with diners, and most servers want to get fast turn-around on the tables, so you may not really get to enjoy your meal and conversation as you’d really hoped for.  So a candlelit dinner at home may be just the thing to spark up a little romance.  You won’t have to worry about the crowds.  And who says you can’t dress up?  Make it fun, and dress to the nines.  Take selfies at the table also if that’s something you’d like to do to commemorate the evening.

These are just a few ideas you can use to make your Valentine’s Day pop!  At Carolina Eye Candy, you can purchase a gift certificate online for either location in Charleston, Summerville or Columbia.  Purchase one for yourself, or send the website link to a loved one to give them a hint of what you’d like for Valentine’s Day ; )

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