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It’s already the Christmas season and everybody seems to start being stressed out by so much work they are expected to do this holiday. It is true that the holidays can be quite overwhelming and it can be stressful at times if not managed properly and people starts to get the holiday rush. There will be many expectations, the pressure to make everyone happy, crowded shopping malls, last minute shopping, holiday celebrations and much more. With all these happening at once at a fast pace, it is no wonder many starts to feel empty and drained, especially the women.

Being stressed out, particularly this Christmas is a big no-no. Stress could be a big a risk to your health, especially if it gets too much. It could affect your sanity and health. So before stressing out and overdoing it and not spending the holidays merrily because you’re stuck sick in bed, then you have to pause a bit and relax.

Here are some tips that could help you de-stress for Christmas:

1. Learn how to say no. Sometimes, it’s okay to decline some invitations you’ve received, most especially if they are last minute and your schedule is already full.

2. Remember to breathe. If you notice that your breath is already shallow, Inhale from your toes up to your head then slowly exhale from your head to your toes. Learn the proper techniques in breathing to help you take the stress out of your body.

3. Set a limit in your alcohol consumption. You can still enjoy your alcohol even without worrying about the next-morning headache.

4. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin. It will thank you at the end of the day.

5. Make time for yourself even just for 30 minutes or longer.

6. Take some things from your to-do list to help you reduce your stress.

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