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Are you having problems with acne at your back? Are you not confident to wear backless shirts or bikini? You’re actually having what they call “Bacne”. Bacne is short for butt or back acne and could be cured with some medications.

Causes of Bacne

Bacne could be usually seen on the upper arms, back, and buttocks. It also ranges in several forms like pustules, pimples, blackheads, and cysts. Cysts are the painful one and can form underneath the skin’s surface.

Blackheads are where acne usually starts. They are the results of dead cells and oil that were trapped inside a pore. Those dead cells and oil close the duct and then mix with the bacteria. They, then turn black when they are exposed to air. If blackheads are inflamed they develop to red pimples.  They become whiteheads or pustules if the pimples become infected.

Back acne, same as the other types of acne, usually occurs during puberty. By then the sebaceous glands that produce sebum start to function. Too much sebum could obstruct pores and hair follicles possibly attracting bacteria thus leading to acne.

Adults also could not escape butt or back acne when they have trapped sebum. This might be a result of wearing tight clothes, sweating and improper exfoliation of the back and bottom.

How to treat Bacne

Treating acne in your back or butt is the same as treating them in the face. You may choose stronger formulas since the skin in those areas are thicker than the face.

Only ten percent of benzoyl peroxide gel or cream is recommended for mild versions in the back or butt while two percent for the face. Pat the cream at night. Let it dry.

Three-step program in treating Mild back acne

1.)    Use an anti-bacterial cleanser instead of regular soap. Let the skin dry.

2.)    Dab a ten percent concentrated benzoyl cream and let it dry.

3.)    Optional use of benzoyl peroxide with products containing alpha hydroxy acid.

How to Prevent Back Acne

Experts recommend showering right after sweating heavily or working out. Exfoliate properly when showering. Below are some of the exfoliation options to try:

1.)    Use sugar scrub weekly in the shower. You can make your own or buy at the store.

2.)    Back scrubbers that have natural bristles could also be used.

3.)    Scrub dead skin with exfoliating towels and gloves.