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With Valentine’s Day being just two days away, I felt compelled to write this post after my day today. As usual, I had a long but great day working with amazing people that give me the opportunity to provide services they have requested, most of all, Xtreme Lashes in Summerville, SC. Well one of my beauty guests today has been coming to me for a couple of years now, and like me, she is a professional in the beauty industry (a hair stylist, to be more specific). As usual, we talked about what has transpired in the news, and in our daily lives since we have seen each other the last time. She told me about an experience a co-worker of hers experienced. A stylist in her salon had a client who was older, but for an appointment she would never miss without giving some notice. This woman had an appointment and she did not show up, so of course that stylist was concerned and called; no answer. Well, the daughter of that client came into the salon some days later to tell the stylist that her mother recently passed away! How devastating that is, and it is something that we never really think about as professionals; that we may not see a client anymore for reasons beyond their control.

Then we started talking about clients that we haven’t seen in some time. We both agreed that we have experienced this; a client that was coming in on a pretty regular basis, but all of a sudden, we don’t hear from them anymore. We realize that life is all about the unexpected. But as professionals providing a service that has been requested, we are not just doing it for the money. We genuinely care about the guests that have graced us with their presence. We want to know you are okay! If you have been coming in on a regular basis and we do not hear from or see you anymore, of course we are concerned. So even if you have decided to go to another business to receive your services, you have decided to postpone your services for some time, or if you have had a life experience that has prevented you from coming in, please don’t ignore the emails, voice mails or text messages you receive from your service provider. More times than not, they are just concerned and checking to see if you are okay. Yes, this is a business, but I can speak for myself that most of my beauty guests get really comfortable with me and we become friends, so it’s not just about the money. We really care : )

Peace & Beauty!