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Let’s all admit it; nude lipsticks can be a challenge to put on especially if you don’t want to look like a corpse. We can see celebrities and other famous people try on this shade of lipstick but still look fabulous. And then you wonder how have they managed to rock on the lipstick while you can’t? It could also be frustrating if you can’t match your lipstick with the rest of your face. Good thing, experts have shared some tips in selecting the right shade of nude lipstick for every skin tone.

You must first know your own skin tone, or consult with professionals so that you can get the best out of the recommended nude lipstick listed below:

  1. For Deep Skin

The best shade to wear for those that have deep skin tones is a muted berry brown. It looks like a neutral and melts into the skin tone. To avoid having lipstick that looks milky against the lips, refrain from formula that have a hint of white.

  1. For Dark Skin

People with dark skin, you don’t have to worry any more. You can now rock that nude lips with this shade of lipstick. The best shade recommended for you are those brown-based plums. Deep nudes are most suited because they look beautiful against the rich skin tones. It also helps add a hint of contrast to your face.

  1. For Medium Skin

The medium skin tones are those that fall into the warm types, like the olives and tans. If you have such skin tones, a warmer beige or peach shade will give the lips with just enough flush without looking pale or sickly.

  1. For Fair Skin

Look for a nude shade that has a slightly pink undertone if you have a fair skin like that of a marshmallow to prevent a washed-out, chalky look.